Monday, May 3, 2010

First Monday of May

There is so much going on in the garden now that its impossible to keep up with it - enter Leanne. Leanne is the answer to a garden prayer. Our garden has always been hit and miss being that neither of us had much garden experience beyond weeding and mowing the lawn. Everything else had to be learned through reading and trial and error. Which is why it is wonderful to finally have someone to work in the garden who actually knows the right way to prune a rose.

The laburnums are in full bloom and after today's wind storm are looking a little beaten up.

The first rose of the season has bloomed - it is a David Austin rose called 'iceberg' which started it's life white and has morphed into a pink - I guess that is appropriate considering it lives at pink rose cottage.

And lastly here is the prized rhubarb plant which was planted three years ago and has given us our first home-made rhubarb recipes within the last few weeks. Let's see - there has been, rhubarb muffins, strawberry & rhubarb crumble and three batches of strawberry rhubarb compote. Let me tell you that this compote on a wee bit of greek or balkan style plain yogurt is quite a treat - I've been eating it every day.

Rhubarb & Strawberry Compote

5 C chopped rhubarb
3 C strawberries halved or quartered
2/3 C sugar
1 Tbsp lemon juice
2 slices orange

prepare fruit and combine in saucepan along with sugar and lemon juice. Let come to a simmer on med. heat and then turn down to low heat and simmer about 20 min. Will keep in the fridge for about a week - if your family doesn't devour it before then.

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  1. I love anything with rhubarb - when we have some locally I'll have to try it. I have yet to plant a rhubarb as the leaves are poisonous to dogs.