Monday, May 31, 2010

Somebody Stole Summer.

This weekend's weather was more of the same - rain, clouds, drizzle. And guess what is in our 10 day forecast - even more of the same! YUK! This is the wettest May I can remember. So we are huddling in a corner with our blankies ;) No, not really, we're doing indoor stuff like knitting, reading and cooking. Eventually the sun will shine - right? The cake I made was Victorian Banana Cake which is from the July, 1997 issue of Victoria magazine. This is one I've made so many times and have always loved. It is lower in fat than most cakes and higher fiber as it has some whole wheat flour. The pie is a summer vegetable gallette. Basically a free form pie crust with potato, roasted peppers, tomatoes and Gruyere cheese. As you see the idea of gallette making appeals a lot to me as I've also recently done one with strawberries.


  1. Isn't it funny how we are never happy - we're having the warmest spring on record here in the Toronto area. In one sense I don't mind it, but all the spring flowers are coming out and then promply wilt and are done. It is also really hot in the schools I work in because they don't have air-conditioning.

  2. Did you make the banana cake recently?