Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Neighbors Also Feathering Their Nests

About a week ago on a Saturday morning I heard a very loud noise coming from up the street - a sort of strange honking or shrieking. I was curious enough to follow my ears to the treed lot about a half a block away. The sounds became even more fierce and loud - it sounded like a jungle! The cause of all this was nesting herons up in the trees. An eagle was threatening their nests and all the adult herons would scream at it and chase it away. I can't tell for sure how many birds or nests there are but it sounded like a LOT.


  1. great pictures Michelle!
    we have heard those guys on some of our walks....very noisy

  2. What fabulous shots! We never see birds like that where I live! Must have made a huge noise!