Thursday, June 17, 2010


Here where I live on the west coast of Canada we have had a really dreary 6 weeks. In fact, this trend seems to be the norm throughout western Canada. My sister lives in Saskatchewan and she seems to be dealing with the same rainy day blues. We've had rain or clouds almost every day except two or three out of the six weeks! And to make matters worse the forecast does not predict any great improvement on time for the weekend. The one good thing about all this rain is that I don't have to water the garden :)


  1. I know it's grey skies and breezes for me too....bring on the sun!

  2. I am at the end of a week of sun in San Diego before returning to England where I live. The joy of this week has been the constant light and colours of the flowers which grow so well here. It has been a real treat. Hopefully my English (tiny) garden will have pulled itself into summer when I get back. I plan to retire in Nova Scotia next year so am interested to hear from anyone out there regarding every day life.