Friday, September 24, 2010

Some Knitting

It seems that I am on a shawl kick. Do I wear shawls a lot? No. Do I know other people who wear shawls a lot? No. So why would I spend so much time knitting them? I guess that could be because there are so many nice shawl patterns out there at the moment. Also because I can knit and don't have to worry about sewing pieces together like I would with a sweater. Lastly it could partly be due to the fact that a shawl is a one size fits all item and therefore I won't be making something that is going to end up being too small or too big. I have plans to knit at least another four shawls before the end of the year.

Here is what I've done lately: This and this


  1. They are lovely shawls. The patterns seem quite intricite and I know the wool/yarn is very small so I am duly impressed. Those are the kind of things I use when I watch movies, although mine are usually a bit bigger than that so I can cuddle up in them. They would look so pretty draped over the arm of a chair.

  2. They are lovely and intricate...I do not wear shawls often but if I had one of these beauties I'd drape it over a chair or lay it on the bottom of a bed when I was not wearing it.

  3. These are beauties! Shawls with the traditional old patterns knitted on the borders and so fine you can see through them. Draped over a winter jacket I feel that shawls could and can look as good as a scarf.
    You have inspired me to knit an ice grey one!