Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Look What the Mailman Brought!

If you are a knitter you'll completely understand this post. If not, you'll just think I'm crazy.

My 20 year old son Cameron is a musician currently working on a cruise ship in Asia. A few months ago we learned that he has his first girlfriend. A lovely young lady from China also working on the ship. Cameron's contract is up in the middle of December so this year he'll get to spend Christmas at home with the family. And (Im so excited), Lily will be coming to join us for two weeks. I'm so thrilled to meet this girl and to have another female "in the family". We girls are a little thin on the ground around here so it will be so nice to have a bit more feminine companionship. Plus the fun of getting "girl gifts" for a change. Almost as soon as I heard about Lily the knitter in me got excited. What could I knit for her? So I asked my son to find out what her favorite colours are. Can you guess? That's right PINK! Holy Cow, this is meant to be! So of course I had to head on over to Eat, Knit, Sleep and find the pink of my dreams.

This morning I found this in the mailbox:

A puffy big envelope can only mean one thing - well maybe two but I haven't ordered any clothes lately so it can only be yarn. Now I like to think of myself as somewhat sophisticated, but I wonder about that when I say things outloud "Yay" and "Goodie".

The most gorgeous, perfect pink yarn named "fragrant"

Oh, and of course I had to order a little something for myself too - this deep, velvety brown called "fig"

Both yarns are by Madelinetosh. I think I'm going to need more!

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  1. I also say things like goodie and yay when I get yarn in the mail!!! That's a very special day. I have some on order now and I can't wait until it arrives. My neighbors probably don't care for the whooping and hollering and little jig I do....lol!

    Love that pink!!!!