Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Long Overdue Kitchen Renovation

When we renovated this old house over a decade ago we expired our budget prior to getting to the kitchen. (Too much money went on old stained glass windows). Then over the past few years we've been bitten by the travel bug and have spent our kitchen money traveling to France and Italy. (Worth every penny). But this past summer I was bequeathed a small sum of money from my Grandmother. She had asked my Dad to give each of us grandchildren a little something of her estate when she sold her home. Being that my grandmother was a fabulous cook I decided that the time was right for the kitchen.

Just before the kitchen was installed my grandmother did pass away. I am so glad I chose to use her gift this way. I know she would have loved it.




  1. Lovely!
    What a gorgeous space that you have created and I am sure that you will enjoy it...and how generous of your grandmother.

  2. It's beautiful! When we bought our house last year I was ready to get new appliances and update the flooring right away with the $6000 we thought we were going to get in the homeowner's buying program--we missed the qualifying date by 2 weeks. Uuggh. I might have to wait a few years too. This will inspire me to be patient.

  3. wow.... it's beautiful ......

    We are doing our cupboards and backsplash (which has not been tiled for the last 20 years, even though the rest of the house has been reno'd) and most of it is finished off nicely.... probably in the summer/fall..... it is fine as is..but, the cupboards do need updating... I can hardly wait....

  4. Pink Rose, you commented over at Stepping My Way to Bliss and I can't find it on my site--it showed up in my email, so I went to go respond and it's not there--yet. Thank you for your comments. I too, have had a subscribtion to "Victoria" that j'adore. I did keep that one coming since it's only 6 issues a year. I got rid of many when minimizing last month but kept a few faves. Hopefully your comment will show up eventually. : )

  5. wow, this is gorgeous. i love the glass fronts and i think they look good here, much more finished than open shelving. love the hardware you chose too. it looks like your cabinets don't have as much detail work as mine. i don't know what i was thinking when i picked them b/c all those little grooves get dirty and i have to clean them with a little brush. i should have chosen something a lot more straightforward. anyway, i'm glad my kitchen helped you out. again, it's just beautiful.