Tuesday, March 8, 2011

They're My Ruby Slippers, You Can't Have Em.

Along time ago I decided never to let my child-like enthusiasm and cheerfulness give way to pessimism. I feel quite in touch with the four or five year old version of myself a lot of the time. Which is why it came as no surprise to me when I fell in love with these gorgeous red shoes. Of course if you had asked the little Michelle - or "Shelley" as my family called me back in those days what was my favorite colour it would have been without a doubt red. About a month ago I was at a dance with my husband and saw these shoes on a young lady. I turned to my husband and said "excuse me while I go knock her over the head in the washroom and liberate those shoes". Luckily for her the friendly side of me took over before I got to her and I merely complimented her and asked her where I could find the shoes. This is not the first time I've approached a stranger with this request, and the interesting thing is that every time I do this I feel like I've found a kindred spirit. Yes, instant shoe-bonding. She informed me that they came from a company in Los Angeles called Re-Mix. They have a wonderful array of reproduction vintage shoes from the 20's to the 40's. Apparently they are well known in the dance world and many competitive dancers swear by them. As expected a good quality product often has a big price-tag, but my birthday was approaching so they were ordered and received about 10 days later. I'm happy to report that they fit nicely and are extremely comfortable. I suspect there will be more Re-Mix shoes finding a home in my closet in the future.


  1. hi michelle,

    i love your red shoes! i left you a comment under your kitchen renovaton post. i'm so happy you found some inspiration in my kitchen.


  2. Yes, those are indeed very cute shoes. Lovely blog you have here!

  3. great find! I just saw the cutest red shoes here in South Beach, this girl was wearing satin red slingback shoes with bows on them... they were sooo nicely made. Next time I'll ask and hope to get your luck!