Friday, August 24, 2012

Choices and More Choices

What a fun week this has been!

We have been busy choosing materials for the renovations as well as furnishings. We visited C&S Tile in Burnaby where we found a warehouse full of granite.  I've never had a granite countertop before and have always loved them.  We were overwhelmed by the selection at C&S!  Both of us are big on using natural materials and we felt like kids in a candy store.  After browsing for about an hour (oooing and aaaing) we sort of made a decision. Then we made our way over to Ames Tile and very quickly fell in love with some 3x6 marble tile for the floor.  So excited!  

We got a great deal on a tufted brown leather chair and ottoman on Craigslist. Which is good because we splurged on the Kensington sofa from a restoration Hardware. But it's a classic and will probably be the last sofa we ever buy. Our new motto since the downsizing experiment has been "anything in the house is there because we absolutely love it or absolutely need it".  This sofa fits both criteria most certainly.  Home Sense came through with a pair of grey leather and chrome office chairs for $99 each and two wood Adorondack chairs for the garden marked down from $200 to $70 each. The last purchase was from The Antiques Market in Vancouver. A gorgeous Canadiana claw foot oak table and set of 4 chairs plus two additional mismatched (but same wood finish) extra dining chairs. This all came in at about what we had budgeted for the table alone since everything was discounted by 60%!

Fun,fun, fun!

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