Friday, September 7, 2012

The Search is Over

What colour is your house?  Do you love it?  How often does it get re-painted?

We're hoping to not have to re-paint for a number of years so we really want to love how it looks.  A small amount of pressure about getting it right.  I know for sure that I don't love the current colour - yellow, even though our last house was a similar colour and I loved it.  It seems to be a combination of colour and house - maybe a colour looks great on one house and not so good on another.   So there are no guarantees that we'll get it right.  I found several online programs that allow you to "try on" different colours on your house and we are pretty certain about our latest decision which is a "grey/blue/green".  We found the exact colour on a house we drove by a week ago and today we drove by it again only to confirm the choice.  Luckily we noticed that the homeowner was there and we decided to ask him what the colour was.  The gentleman told us that his wife had painstakingly chosen the paint colours and that she wasn't home but would call us and give us the info.  Aren't people generous?  Here is the house that has inspired our colour choice.  The colour (on upper shingles) is Benjamin Moore "Mount Saint Anne".

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