Saturday, October 13, 2012

Some Before Photos

Master Bedroom Suite (Purple walls, carpet on floor)

Dining room - yellow, small pass-through to kitchen

Kitchen - dream appliances, not so dreamy tile, powder blue walls

Laundry room, same tile, very bright orange walls

Office, gorgeous built-in cabinetry, wine coloured walls
Here are some shots of our new house before we took possession and started tearing things apart.  I don't mean to be critical of other people's tastes in colour - its a personal thing, but I want to document the way the house looked before and show what a simpler colour pallet and some new finishes can do to change the look of a place.  Afters to come soon (I hope).


  1. WOW! They did like color! Those appliances look super and the bookshelves/office, FABULOUS!

  2. And meant to add--this house has some fabulous bones! Seems like it had already had some semi-recent updating. Love the (clapboard??) master bedroom ceiling. You made a great decision!

    1. Thanks so much! Its coming along and feeling more like home every day. Soon (fingers crossed) I'll be able to post some after photos.

  3. They loved colour, all kinds of colour! A bit too bold for me in some cases. I definitely wouldn't want a purple room or an orange laundry room or a blue kitchen, but to each their own I guess. Soon you'll have it just how you dreamed it should be.