Friday, January 18, 2013

Square Foot Garden Plans

Gardening thoughts are turning into garden plans.  I always think like this in January.  My problem is follow through.  I've had a garden before and I must admit I have been a garden failure.  It always seems so exciting to me in the planning stages then by the time summer comes along and the work part starts to become less of a theory and more of a reality I loose interest.

I really do believe in the idea of growing your own food, even if its just a small amount.  This Christmas I got Nigel Slater's "Tender" books.  A whole book dedicated to veg in the garden and kitchen and another to fruit.  They are truly beautiful books written with much love for the subjects.  Im inspired.  The other englishman who's feeding my garden bug is Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall.  I'm totally enthralled with his River Cottage programs where he brings us the world of self-sufficiency and small-holding.  Now, I don't see myself ever raising my own bacon, but the idea of stepping outside the house and picking my own lettuce a few minutes before preparing lunch really appeals to me.  How much more local can you get?  I suspect this pull toward growing my own food is the natural progression of the cook in me.  I am sold on the idea of local, organic food.  Food made with love tastes better to me - it must be better for me.

Our new garden is lovely, but very much established.  There is a lot of paving and there are lots of trees providing lovely shade.  There is one small space just under the office window that gets tons of sunshine.  This is the spot I've got in mind for the veg garden.  There isn't a lot of space here but I think using the "Square Foot" gardening method I can grow quite a lot in an efficient manner.  I came up with my garden plan at this site.  Making the best use of this sunny spot should result in 27 cheerful, edible plants.  Here is a good illustrated set of directions to start your own Square Foot Garden.

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  1. There is nothing better than growing your own vegetables. We did some this year and we delighted in our salads where everything came from the garden.

    We learned a few things this year so we'll do a bit different. One of our biggest problems was the bugs eating our spinach before we could!