Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Spanish Steps

le scarpe

The beautiful Tiber

The restaurant featured in Anthony Bourdain's Layover.  Don't even bother without a reservation.

Roman specialty - Cacio e Pepe

A river runs through it

Incredible Antiquity

No gladiators on this day

Rome, beautiful Rome you have redeemed yourself.

This was my second visit to Rome.  The first disastrous visit being a couple of years ago tagged onto the end of a visit to Tuscany.  That day was a very hot 40 degrees and I was a very stupid tourist.  I mistakenly got into a potentially dangerous position by being naive and too friendly - luckily all's well that ends well.  But I did learn my lesson and this time I was smarter.

We arrived in Rome late on a Saturday night this May and luckily we had the forethought to arrange a car to pick us up from the airport and take us to our B & B in the Pratti district.  It was well worth the sixty euros to get there easily and quickly after 12 hours of travel.   Sunday morning is clearly the time to see Rome in its full glory.  Nobody is up early and it is incredible to see all the major sites with so few people around.  We were in Rome for only a single full day but if we had been staying longer I would've gotten up early each morning to do our sight seeing and would rest in the afternoon.  As it was though, we walked for 10 hours on that Sunday.  We saw way too much to really take in but at least we got a glimpse of things.  What an incredibly beautiful city it is.  Oh Roma, I'm so glad we came back and gave you another chance.   Tornoremmo (we will return).

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